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When Friends Become Lovers

We Are Friends But Are We Now Lovers?

Just Good Friends If you have ever had a friend for many years, someone that you consider to be the most important person in your life, there may come a time when you might want to consider something a little more, perhaps physical interactions that go beyond just hugging. Your ability to interact with people who are friends, taking it to the next level such as becoming lovers, is something that takes quite a bit of consideration, a decision that can literally change your life and theirs. Prompting the question could lead to a very difficult situation, one that may require you to either enhance the situation with some subtle sex chat, or backtrack because of the reaction that you receive. Here are three simple considerations, tips that you might want to think about, when deciding whether or not it’s time to be something much more than friends.

Lovers Or Friends?

The first thing to consider is whether or not you think it is the right stage of your relationship to take it to a higher level of intimacy. For some, being friends is much more comfortable because there is no romantic commitment involved. Friends, however, is a limited situation that will likely lead to doing nothing more than hanging out and doing fun things together. However, if you think this person might be worthy of something much deeper, allowing you to become intimate and perhaps becoming more, moving toward marriage, you have to choose the right time to ask the question.

Choosing When To Ask The Question

If you do believe that it is time to take this to the next level, and you think that the other person will also concur, you have to pose the question at the right time making sure that they are ready to give you an answer. There are subtle hints that you can use, such as gradually becoming more intimate, something that friends would typically not do. Once this occurs, you can easily see that the time to ask for a more serious relationship is apropos for the time.

Dealing With The Outcome

Young Couple In Love The outcome of the situation can go one of a couple different ways. First of all, if they are on the same wavelength as you, then you will be in a situation where your life with them will move a positive direction toward something permanent and wonderful. If they are hesitant, but seem to be considering what you have said, there is a lot to be said about patience. If you are patient, you will be able to find out what the outcome will be, but don’t wait too long, because it several weeks or months goes by, you are likely not looking at a positive answer. The final outcome is that they will not be receptive to the idea, and it could potentially and your friendship. The trick is to simply make your move, deal with the outcome, and hopefully it will be a decision that will be favorable in your life.

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